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JH180 Crawler Machine Excavator Diggers For Sale Hire

The safe and reliable protection handrails and the driving shed passing TOPS certification conform to the rollover protection requirements.

It is provided with rotatable armrest box and integrated safe lock bar function; it is required to raise the safe lock bar in case of entering or leaving the cab to make the console lose the function of manipulating the machine, and then the driver can enter and leave the driving shed safely and conveniently.

JH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For Sale

Product Description

JH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For Saler features optimized controllability with the application of mature load sensing system and independently developed hydraulic commissioning technique. 

All the parts have been strengthened, especially the working devices such as the bucket, the boom and the crawler belt. 

With extended boom and reinforced undercarriage, the machine can provide stable performance in various complicated working environments.

Being compact, the machine is very flexible and can work in a narrow jobsite.

Its load sensing system and automated technology make the operation easier.

The ergonomic design in the cab like the chair, the joystick and the standard canopy with newly-designed damping system give the operator a comfort experience.

The alert and monitoring system gives real-time feedback about the machine's dynamics, highly improving the safety of both the operator and the machine.



Bucket Capacity m3 0.8
 Swing Speed  rmp  0-12
 Gradeablity  Angle  30
Max. Bucket Digging Force KN 98
Max. Arm Digging Force KN 68
 Engine Model  Famous Brand QSF3.8-C125
 Power/Revolution Speed  KW/rmp  93/2200
 Tire Model                                                                        --                         
 System Pressure  MPa  32


Machine Size

 Dimension Length*Width*Height            mm                             8540X2720 X2920  
 Cabin Height  mm  2920
Axle Base    mm              3200
Wheel(track) Distance            mm 2120
 Minimum Ground Clearance  mm  480
Tail Swing Radius mm 2430


 Working Range

 Max. Digging Height  mm                  9430               
 Max. Dumping Height  mm 6960
Max. Digging Depth  mm 5975
 Max. Vertical Digging Depth  mm 5630
 Max. Digging Radius mm 8985
 Min. Swing Radius  mm 2725


 JH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For SaleJH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For SaleJH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For Sale




Excavator Application

NOLANSE excavator wide scope of application, suitable for loose land in vegetable shed, landscaping in municipal departments, planting of trees and pits in orchard nurseries, broken concrete pavement, agitation of sand and stone, construction of narrow space, etc., Can equipped with rotary drilling, broken hammer, loading bucket, grab, etc., Our success has been built on the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities we offer to meet the very specific demands of our industry clients.

JH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For Sale

JH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For Sale

Why Choose Us


1. Product Research & Development 

Nolanse builds quality products that are developed with use in mind. We specialize in working with every customer to share ideas and gather critical information regarding excavator fit and performance requirements for your specific application. This is accomplished by establishing a very close technical rapport with each customer and their engineering, purchasing and R&D departments – the experts in your organization who know best what functionality, quality, size and excavators characteristics are critical to your equipment.

JH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For Sale


2. Excavator Production

We have the advanced CNC machine tools, a welding robot, automatic assembly lines, automatic painting equipment, advanced assembly shop etc. to excavator ensure a 360-degree quality control of the production process.

JH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For SaleJH180 Crawler Machine Small Excavator Diggers For Sale


3.Excavator Product Certifications

Nolanse is ISO 9001 registered for the design and manufacture of excavators and precision machining.


4. Professional Excavator Sales Team

NOLANSE professional excavator team deeply understands the requirements and the technological advancementexcavator. NOLANSE has been specialized in custom excavator development, manufacturing, sales, sample verification, order processing and product delivery, etc. NOLANSE is always working hard with passion to put our efforts to excavator technology and application.

Company Information

As a leader in excavator Design, Manufacturing for over 36 years, NOLANSE has its own over 220 employees and over 55,000 square meters manufacturing factories. We have professional departments including excavator design, sales, production, quality control department, etc.

We had provided effective excavator production and repair solutions to over 40 countries. Our customers are from Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, Poland, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, HK, Taiwan, etc.

Nolanse's name has become synonymous with quality, on time delivery and exceptional service. 

Join the growing number of partner relationship companies that trust and rely on the Nolanse name.